The four brothers Konrad, Kasper, Mauritz and Max Agnas started the group 15 years ago in the basement of their parents home. Over the years, they have had time to develop their very own music based on an almost telepathic approach to interaction, improvisation and composition. With three albums released, the young brothers have made success at concert halls all over Europe, summer festivals and smaller jazz clubs around the Swedish countryside and in collaboration with classical ensembles like "O / Modernt" and "Stockholm Chamber Brass" as well as artists like Nils Landgren and Pat Metheny.


"All appearances I have done with the brothers have been an excitement and there is no doubt that it will remain so even in the future. With courage and much humor are they creating a common goal, to find to people's hearts"

- Nils Landgren

”Den jazz de presenterar är en underbar mix av mogen musikuppfattning och ungdomligt uppror. (...) De fyra bröderna är i grunden frapperande goda solister, men de har lyckats foga samman sina solistiska incitament till ett fullödigt ensemblespel där de fyra ges stort utrymme att agera i frihet.”

- Nerikes Allehanda 2013

"vi i publiken har helt enkelt förbaskat roligt, lika roligt som bröderna själva har på scenen."
Gunnar Wiklund i Folkbladet. Betyg 4 (2020)

"It was an amazing enrichment to play with the Agnas Brothers. They have all strong, personal voices. The whole Agnas family is very special. "
- Pat Metheny

"Jag blir lika glad som jag tror att de ikonerna som bröderna hyllar - Beethoven, Jan Johansson med flera skulle ha blivit om de kunde höra musiken.”
Rikard Flykt, Jönköpingsposten Betyg 4 (2020)

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